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MVC Interview Questions and Answers


Post Views: 2,192  Here is some questions and answers on MVC architecture pattern. these MVC Interview Questions and Answers are basic questions on MVC. MVC Questions and Answers What is Model-View-Controller? MVC is a software architecture pattern to develop web applications. MVC represent Model-View-Controller and there are three components. Model– Model MVC represents the application data domain. Applications business logic is written within […]

What are Difference between Server.Transfer() and Response.Redirect()

Post Views: 1,360  What are Difference between Server.Transfer() and Response.Redirect()  This is very common question, interviewers mostly ask this question, if you are preparing for interview you must know difference between these two. here is list of differences between Server.Transfer() and Response.Redirect. These are used for transfer/redirect from one page to another page , but here […]

REST (Representational State Transfer) Services in WCF

Post Views: 1,754  REST (Representational State Transfer)Services in WCF: Representational State Transfer (REST )  is  architectural style that clients can make requests of services(Endpoints). RES9T is useful to implement one way distributed commutation between the client server architectural styles. URI (Unforce Resource Identifier): End user can interact with resources and resources could be name of […]

Refresh ASPx page after time

Post Views: 1,206   How to get aspx page Automatically refresh after some time To get a page to be refreshed after a particular time at page level of the aspx page we need to specify like this :    <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”10″ />   The above statement will make a particular page to be refreshed for […]

Difference between Session vs Cache?

Post Views: 1,068  Difference between Session vs Cache? Main difference is session is per user, while cache will be for application scoped items. Items available into a session will stay there, until the session ends. Items in the cache can expire (will be removed from cache) after a specified amount of time. we can keep session state  external i e state […]

Contract in WCF Service

Post Views: 1,251  What are contract in WCF Services? Contract defined the service and its operation. It’s the agreement between the client and WCF Service application between there communication. Contract defined that what the WCF service does. Service Contract: Service contract define the operation that service provide for client. Service Contract describes the client –callable […]

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