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WordPress site is hacked


My WordPress has been hacked yesterday, site name is, site was automatically being redirected to and showing some pop ups and then again was redirecting to some random Urls








I have clear all files but site did not work, then I removed all the WordPress files and folder : wp_content, wp_includes and all php files and install wordpress on my domain with same theme and connected site to old existing database, but no luck site did not work.


Ramdom Urls

so I found out the there was no wrong with PHP files on server, there might be some problem in database, i started finding out suspicious urls on database tables in wp_posts and wo_commects etc but could not find any url

So I decided to backup of existing database to local system then scan the database entries, It is simple way to find out database entries like urls into database, so took the backup and open that sql files in editor then I found out one entry in database that is “<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’></script> ” , I did not entered it before and it was in wo_options tables

If you found that entry in your database, remove that and try to open the website


I got to know there was any entry in header section on my theme, so I opened the WordPress Admin wp-admin and remove that entry from header ads from my existing theme,

then It worked




there are some more redirection, you might be find in your website, if your wordpress site has been hacked



Wordpress Site hacked

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