Content Types in SharePoint 2010

Content Types:

In SharePoint content type is a reusable collection of settings or metadata that can be used and applied in list or library. You can create and deploy the content type using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides content type project.

You can apply the content type on following base type:

  • Item
  • Document
  • List
  • Folder
  • Event
  • Task

The content type contain the ID is 0X108 that defined the content type system base type.

You can used the content type in groups it’s basically use for List Content Types, Document Content types and folder content types.

You can create and deploy content type using the event features in visual Studios.

You can deploy the content type in Web and Site level.

Content Types basically contains the metadata and provides the re usability of our columns. You can define our business name in content type (“Employee”) that will represents the multiple columns name (Name, Address ,City ,Created Date ,Version).


You can content type using the following tools:

  • SharePoint administration site
  • Visual Studios Tool 2010
  • SharePoint Designer 2010


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