C# Interview Questions and Answers

REST (Representational State Transfer) Services in WCF


Post Views: 1,754  REST (Representational State Transfer)Services in WCF: Representational State Transfer (REST )  is  architectural style that clients can make requests of services(Endpoints). RES9T is useful to implement one way distributed commutation between the client server architectural styles. URI (Unforce Resource Identifier): End user can interact with resources and resources could be name of […]

Refresh ASPx page after time

Post Views: 1,206   How to get aspx page Automatically refresh after some time To get a page to be refreshed after a particular time at page level of the aspx page we need to specify like this :    <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”10″ />   The above statement will make a particular page to be refreshed for […]

What is boxing and unboxing in C#?

Post Views: 1,125  What is boxing and unboxing in C#? Boxing: Boxing is a mechanism that is use for converting the value types (int,struct,enum) object into the reference type. Object obj=3; Boxing will wrap the value 3 into the heap object. Unboxing: Unboxing is a mechanism that is use for converting the reference types(Class,Interface) into reference type. […]

Difference between classes and structure?

Post Views: 1,143  Difference between classes and structure? Class is Reference Type and Structure is value type. Class object is stored in heap and structure object is stored in stack. Class support inheritance and structure does not support can inheritance. Classes have destructor but structure does not allow destructor. Classes and structure both can implements […]

What are Messaging Patterns in WCF?

Post Views: 1,027  What are Messaging Patterns in WCF? Messaging patterns basically describe how programs exchange messages.There are 3basic messaging patterns that programs can use to exchange messages: Simplex: A one-way communication from Program X to Program Y. No response is generated by Program Y, thus causing the one-way communication.In this scenario, the client initiates […]

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