SharePoint 2013 Interview Question and answers

What is Impersonation in SharePoint Server?

Post Views: 2,271  Impersonation is a mechanism in SharePoint server that is use for running the lower access user permission to the higher access user permission. SharePoint Provide Two Method for impersonate to the user: 1)       RunWithElevatedPrivileges: The RunWithElevatedPrivileges method is mostly used method for impersonation in SharePoint. Using the RunWithElevatedPrivileges user will run through the […]

What is Remote Event Receiver in SharePoint 2013?

Post Views: 2,347  Remote Event Receiver is a new Features in SharePoint 2013. The SharePoint App we can create the Remote event receiver that can be listen and handled by the SharePoint App. App are standalone application into the SharePoint 2013 that can be execute, installed and uninstall individually on client. Our SharePoint 2010 event […]

What’s new with Visual WebPart in SharePoint 2013?

Post Views: 1,676  In Visual Web Part 2013 new Web Part template is added for creating the visual web part.  WebPart classes and user control are merged into one new template while in SharePoint 2010 we had separate ascx and visual web part file. In SharePoint 2013 we can create the Sandbox and Farm Solutions […]

SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions and Answers

Post Views: 3,155  SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions and Answers here is come interview questions and answers, these are mostly asked by the interviewer, if you preparing for or looking for change in sharepoint 2013, you must read all these questions  What’s the New App model? Ans: SharePoint 2013 Introduces a Cloud App Model that enables […]

Create SharePoint User Group in SharePoint 2013

Post Views: 1,514  Create SharePoint User Group in SharePoint 2013 SharePoint group is a set of users that can apply the same permissions on a specific site or list or library. When you create a group in SharePoint that means you are creating a bundle of specific permission. After creating the group, if you want […]

Difference between the Farm Solutions and Sandbox Solutions in SharePoint 2010?

Post Views: 2,559  Farm Solution: Farm solutions are hosted in IIS server (w3wp.exe) worker process. The Farm Solution deployed code can do any activity in whole SharePoint server Farm level. Once we set Sandbox solution deploy property false in visual studio, solution will be deploy automatically in SharePoint Farm Solutions. Once we deploy the Farm […]

In SharePoint 2013 can be deployed solutions that are created into SharePoint 2010?

Post Views: 1,667  Yes. We can deployed SharePoint 2010 created solutions into SharePointfor013. But for deploying the SharePoint 2010 solutions into SharePoint 2013 we need to create a new solutions into Visual Studio 2012, Re-add all the code, features, packages and components and build it.   After build the solution file you can deploy it in […]

Difference between Site Pages and Application Page in SharePoint 2010

Post Views: 1,376  Difference between Site Pages and Application Page  Site Pages: Site Pages are Site collection or Web Scoped. End User can also customize Site Pages. Site Pages are complete or partial page is stored within content database and when actual page is parsed at runtime then its delivered to end-users. You cannot write your […]

OAuth Authentication in SharePoint 2013

Post Views: 1,735  OAuth Authentication in SharePoint 2013 OAuth is the internet protocol that is used for creating and managing app identity. OAuth play a key role about the app authentication and authorization. It is a cross-platform mechanism for authentication and authorizing apps. The OAuth is also the emerging internet standard that is used by […]

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