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Genpact SharePoint Interview Questions

Post Views: 4,180   What are differences between list and library in SharePoint 2013? What are differences Between Hosted, Provider Hosted and SharePoint Hosted? What are differences between Application Pages and Site Pages? What is scope of Application pages? What is base class for Application Pages? What is class for event receivers? Type of Event Receivers? What […]

Interview Questions on SharePoint

SharePoint Interview Questions and Answers

Post Views: 3,335  Interview Questions on SharePoint  Difference between Update and system update in SharePoint list? What are ClassResources? How do you reference and deploy resources with an ASP.NET WebPart? By default which page layouts all the pages are created? Can multiple SharePoint installs point to the same DB? Can we access the application and […]

SharePoint Interview Questions and answers

Post Views: 1,449  SharePoint Interview Questions and answers  What is web Application in SharePoint? Web Application is an IIS website. we can create web application from Central Administrator, for each web application content database is created .Each web application is associated with one IIS web site. Once the web application is created, we can extend the […]

SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions – Developers

Post Views: 6,093  SharePoint 2013 Interview Questions – Developers What are new features in SharePoint 2013 Below are some new features in SharePoint 2013 App parts in SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2013 Minimal Download Strategy Promoted Links App Design Manager Remote event receivers Cross-site publishing SharePoint 2013 Service Application Databases Timeline web part FAST Query Language […]

What is difference between load and load query in client object model in SharePoint?

Post Views: 3,114  What is difference between load and load query in client object model? The Client Object model use both Load and Load Query Method for retrieving the data from SharePoint server. Load method is use for retrieving the whole data from SharePoint server like collection object (ListItemCollection) and Load Query returns the data […]

Difference between events and workflows in SharePoint?

Post Views: 1,577  Difference between events and workflows? here is some difference between events and workflows We can create workflow using SharePoint designer, Visual studio and Visio while event receiver you can create only with visual studio. Workflow can be trigged on items automatically and manually while event receiver would be call on automatically on […]

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