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REST (Representational State Transfer) Services in WCF


Post Views: 1,757  REST (Representational State Transfer)Services in WCF: Representational State Transfer (REST )  is  architectural style that clients can make requests of services(Endpoints). RES9T is useful to implement one way distributed commutation between the client server architectural styles. URI (Unforce Resource Identifier): End user can interact with resources and resources could be name of […]

Difference between the Web Service and WCF?

Post Views: 1,529  Difference between the Web Service and WCF? Web service use Xml Serializer but wcf use Data Contract Serializer for serialization. WCF service can be accessed only HTTP while WCF service can be hosted in IIS,WAS ,Self-Hosting and Managed windows service. Web Method and Web Service attributes are for defining the web service while Service Contract […]

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